A f*cking Unicorn

I made this because I am in love with unicorns (obvi, who isn’t??) and I prefer backgrounds on my phone that are blocks of color. So I made this baby and I loves it so much, I want to shares it!

Colored Pages

I made these with Colorfil and I really like how they turned out. You can use them for whatever you like really..

Kiss The Rain

I made this a little while ago for use as a cover photo on Facebook, but it still seems like a good quote from a radical song 🙂

…and here’s the song <3

Food For Thought!

This was inspired by a girl I knew who was super friendly to me, but had no qualms in talking crap about people that she was supposedly close to (closer than me.)


This is a phone background that I created and thought I’d share. I have an Samsung Galaxy something-or-other and it works perfectly on my screen. Just right click and save as 🙂

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